About us,Who we are

INNAGRIS is an Innovative online Platform that deliver service in areas like: Infrastructures, Digital Storage Warehouse that boosts hope to farmers, and there-by aiming to reduce Post-Harvest Lost (PHL).

We as a company co-founded by group of International Professional bodies from a Business School in UK “HULT International Business School” with same vision & passion, and sharing a mutual goal to work with small, medium scale farmers and promote jobs among nations and boost production.

Innagris, was founded by some students, studying an “Executive MBA” in London. ” Being with students with the same vision & passion, and sharing a mutual goals was the base to sit together, how we could make an impact on society” says Marcus Jackson, founder of Innagris.

Today, our customers, share knowledge and outputs ability with our field operation managers on the ground. Our Business model is unique and one of its kind in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission as Innagris is contributing to solution finding with our Innovative OnlinePlatform & Digital Food Storage Warehouse, our Innagris “Go Urban” Logistic App, etc.., We bring smile to our Customers.

Our Vision

  • Be a digital leading player in agriculture Platform that connects farmers, buyers and end-users together, to boost food production and food security
  • Reduce food waste (PHL) by 25% – 35%
  • Foster Laboratories & Testing in collaborations with NGO’s

What we focus on

  • Improve Productivity, Agricultural Infrastructure
  • Improve educational know-how (Awareness) and Researches
  • Increase Employment & Cashless payment methodology
  • Empower Foreign Investment & Financial Loan grants
  • Empower & increase Farmers income

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