Boosting hope to farmers, and reducing Post-Harvest Lost (PHL) in Nigeria-Africa.

At INNAGRIS, we aim been the best on Innovative online Platform, Infrastructures, Digital Controlled Storage Warehouse and results deliveries that boosts hope to farmers, and thereby reducing Post-Harvest Lost (PHL) in Nigeria-Africa.

Every team member understands the ongoing challenges that Agriculture is facing – both today and tomorrow. It is more than a job; by operating as an agricultural platform that connects farmers, buyers and end-users, as a team, we want to make an impact on the society.


Founding Team

Marcus Jackson
CEO - Founder

Maria Mayer
CIO - Co-Founder

Jolien Demeyer
CMO - Co-Founder

COO - Co-Founder

CfO - Co-Founder

Shareholder & Advisory Team

Felix Peterson Okoh